The Hidden Evil: Predatory Gang Stalking

Predatory Gang stalking employs a tactic of synchronicity. This tactic involves the precise timing of interactions with the targeted individual.

For example, the target can go out to get the morning newspaper and encounter gang stalking activities that suddenly appear and which are precisely synchronised.

Throughout the targeted individual’s day, these synchronised encounters repeatedly occur.

Activities such as leaving one’s driveway, taking out the trash, going to a store, or even walking the dog, are activities which result in an encounter with one or more Predatory Gang stalkers.

Even when a target strategically does not follow any set routine, these synchronised occurrences continue.

This makes the gang stalkers appear to be all- knowing and almost omnipresent in the mind of a new targeted individual.

This is intimidating, demoralising, and even terrorising to targets. It is often unavoidable.

In the case of primary targeted individuals of gang stalking (the rare individuals who are the priority target of global gang stalking) the primary objective is to induce as much fear as possible and over time as the numbers of individuals that become involved or are made aware of a target, the abuse can increase substantially, so that there is no aspect of the targets life that is private or sacred. Rarely, if ever, does a targeted individual engage in an activity of daily living without the unwanted participation of Predatory Gang stalkers.

The timing and coordination of these activities are remarkably precise. The targeted individual becomes aware that all of their activities include the presence of Predatory Gang stalkers.

These gang stalkers demand to be noticed by their target, and if they are not, they will take an action to be noticed.

This could include honking their horn strategically, making a comment, creating a scenario to get the attention of the targeted individual.

Once noticed, they will return to non-contact, knowing that by that point, the targeted individual will henceforth anxiously watch for them.

Most times, however, these practitioners of gang stalking maintain the appearance of “business as usual.”

They rarely make direct contact, with some exception. However, these strangers often boldly smirk and openly laugh at the targeted individual at some close point in the encounter.

This is the universal exception to the “no direct contact” protocol. Other times, when verbal or physical contact is made, these encounters are conducted in such a way as to appear to have been “happenstance.”

Since most of the practitioners of Predatory Gang stalking rotate in and out of the life of a target, the same patterns of gang stalking will occur, but it will involve different people all the time.

Therefore, many different stranger and many different vehicles will walk, drive, or bike past the target and interact in some manner, at various times and locations.

All of the predatory gang stalkers will be strangers to the targeted individual and they will continue to make their presence, but not their purpose, known.

This is one element of Predatory Gang stalking that is disbelieved by others.

These “others” include law enforcement, the medical profession, and family.

Those who are unaware of activities of subcultures such as criminals, secret organisations, clubs, extremist groups, radical political groups, hate groups, organised crime groups, and other antisocial groups, the scope of attack by Predatory Gang stalkers is unfathomable.

Never the less, the extent of this massive assault on one individual is as extensive as described here and even more so.

Let it be said that we really do live in amazing times.

The world itself has seen much change and turmoil even in the last century, and with the increase of technology, the desire in those who choose to live out of balance with life and try to live in dominance and control of the masses have opted for this horrendous path of ‘stolen power’.

This may sound quite vague, and it is, only because the other face of gang stalking or rather the precise reason for its use deals with a more incredible phenomena than hasn’t been touched up yet.

In the first instance, we mustn’t be so naïve as to assume that our governments and all those that have been granted the power and authority to run our world are acting from a selfless perspective.

They simply are not. The secrets of the universe, God and true power have always been the Holy Grail of man, and the desperate desire to achieve and own them by some.

To this effect the studies and research that has been conducted since time immemorial have been immense, with the one of the holiest of holiest being the understanding of the human mind, soul and will and how these can be controlled and used far more readily than man has been able to achieve so far.

And it is for these reasons that extensive and more covert experimentation has been undertaken on people targeted for this work.

These people are the targeted individuals of gang stalking.

Our minds are complex structures, our memories (long and short term), our thought processes, our fears and so on.

If it is true that we do indeed manifest what we think as countless experts have us believe and that spiritually we are indeed one soul fragmented but unequivocally connected in a unified field, then it stands to reason that if one or a few souls and minds can be controlled then this will lead to the occupation of ALL.

This of course sounds like insane rantings but assuredly this is the reality humanity faces today. There is a dark agenda to control all minds by controlling the energetic fields of existence, our physical bodies, DNA, etheric fields, mental and emotional fields and so on.

Next, imagine for a moment if a ‘Lucifer’ were also created from one of the targeted individuals, more than just the social pariah they started as, what if society is lead to believe that they are actually a satanic entity or individual.

In doing so, a common enemy is created with which to blame all eventual chaos upon. This is another portion of the agenda.

It is in the end the stuff of nightmares and what has been called dark prophecy or conspiracy theory is actually ancient agenda in it’s final stages of being played out.

On a personal level, participating in any form of gang stalking is not only insane but utterly immoral, and spiritually and criminally corrupt.

If you care, choose never to participate, inform the target (carefully/secretly), make a united stand with friends and neighbours not participate and log all the evidence you can – take-down all information you can.

Be smart, technology and the capability of those that have orchestrated these world terrors are immense.

But most of all remember that the ‘fear matrix’ within the collective consciousness of humanity is an overall target.

If people are afraid they can be controlled. Stand firm in a belief of your divinity and eternal being (whether you believe in a God or not) you are still part Omnipotent Grace experiencing on earth.

GangStalking IS Community Oriented Policing

Peace be with us all.