“Mental Illness” is one of humanity’s most harmful lies. “Psychiatry” (a Victorian Ancient Greek word meaning “Mind Healing”) is the pseudo-science and crime that propagates this lie. All people of conscience should continue to work for the total abolition of “Psychiatry” as an official Medical discipline; and to end its inherent lies and very serious world-wide human rights abuses. There have been millions of victims of this crime. We must hope that one day there will be no more victims.

One of Capitalism’s cash cows, nothing democratic about it, is the practice of damaging brains to “save the person” as they would have us believe. Really it is a tool for the lazy psychiatrist and their supporting institution to make a wad of easy money.



The branch of pharmacology that deals with the study of the actions, effects, and development of psychoactive drugs.

The term usually refers to a psychiatrist who concentrates on the pharmaceutical treatment of mental illnesses.

These doctors frequently prescribe complex cocktails of drugs for patients with multiple diagnoses of mental illnesses, and sometimes prescribe other drugs to counterbalance side effects from the primary drugs.

Most pracitioners who call themselves psychopharmacologists are psychiatrists

WATCH: Psychiatry: An Industry of Death, Licensed Genocide


No Physical Test Can Prove the Existence of a “Mental Disorder”

No blood, urine, or chemical imbalance exam can test for the presence of a mental disease or illness. Even x-rays or brain scans can’t show the presence of a “mental disorder.” This leads many to believe that healthy patients have a great possibility of being diagnosed with supposed “disorders” even if they are only displaying minor symptoms. Many of these symptoms include stress and difficulty concentrating — issues that can often be chalked up as a natural response to everyday stress.

The Marketing of Madness: The Truth About Psychotropic Drugs…

Exposing Psychiatry’s Secret Agenda…

“Going to a psychiatrist has become one of the most dangerous things a person can do.”


Author: Drew's News: Turning The Inside Out

I cannot control how people see or think about me, but at least I know I can control how I think or look at myself. Because, one of our most honest judges is our own Good Conscience.

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